class gamelib.Characters.Character(**kwargs)

A base class for a character (playable or not)

  • agility (int) – Represent the agility of the character
  • attack_power (int) – Represent the attack power of the character.
  • defense_power (int) – Represent the defense_power of the character
  • hp (int) – Represent the hp (Health Point) of the character
  • intelligence (int) – Represent the intelligence of the character
  • max_hp (int) – Represent the max_hp of the character
  • max_mp (int) – Represent the max_mp of the character
  • mp (int) – Represent the mp (Mana/Magic Point) of the character
  • remaining_lives (int) – Represent the remaining_lives of the character. For a NPC it is generally a good idea to set that to 1. Unless the NPC is a multi phased boss.
  • strength (int) – Represent the strength of the character

These characteristics are here to be used by the game logic but very few of them are actually used by the Game (gamelib.Game) engine.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(**kwargs) Initialize self.