Hyrule Astronomy Club - hac-game-lib - documentation


This python3 module is a base for the programming lessons of the Hyrule Astronomy Club. It is not meant to be a comprehensive game building library.

It is however meant (and used) to teach core programming concept to kids from age 6 to 13.


First of all, his module is exclusively compatible with python 3.

The core concept is that it revolve around the Game object, the Board object and the derivatives of BoardItem.

Here is an example of what the current version allow to build:

The base game makes use of:
  • The main “game engine” (gamelib.Game.Game)
  • Many different types of structures (from gamelib.Structures), like:
    • Wall (well the walls…),
    • Treasure (gems and money bag),
    • GenericStructure (trees),
    • GenericActionnableStructure (hearts and portals).
  • Game()’s menu capabilities.
  • Player and NPC (from gamelib.Characters)
  • Inventory (from gamelib.Inventory)
  • Player and Inventory stats
  • Simple actuators (gamelib.SimpleActuators) like:
    • RandomActuator (NPCs in level 2),
    • PathActuator (NPCs in level 1).

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