1.1.1 (2020-07-15)

  • Fix a bug in hgl-editor: when using previously recorded parameters to create a board the editor was crashing.
  • Improvement: Automatically enable partial display and map bigger than 40x40.

1.1.0 (2020-06-12)

  • Fix many issues with strings all across the library.
  • Fix many issues with variables interpolation in exceptions.
  • Fix a bug in Game.load_board() that was causing corruptions.
  • Fix multiple typos in the documentation.
  • Fix an issue with the user directory in hgl-editor
  • Fix many issues with the PatrolActuator.
  • New feature: partial display (dynamically display only a part of a board)
  • New feature: new mono directional actuator.
  • New feature: projectiles (can be sent and completely managed by the game object)
  • New feature: new assets module to hold many non core submodules.
  • New feature: Assets.Graphics that add thousands of glyphs (including emojis) to the current capacities of the library.
  • New feature: Add support for PatrolActuator in hgl-editor.
  • New feature: Add support for PathFinder actuator in hgl-editor.
  • New feature: Add an object parent system.
  • New feature: Add a configuration system to hgl-editor.
  • Improvement: Add full configuration features to the Game object.
  • Improvement: Add a new example in the form of a full procedural generation platform game (see examples/suparex).
  • Improvement: Improved performances particularly around the features that relies on Board.place_item(). Up to 70 times faster.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to specify the first frame index in Animation.
  • Improvement: Formatted all the code with black.
  • Improvement: PathFinder.add_waypoint() now sets the destination if it wasn’t set before.

1.0.1 (2020-05-17)

  • Fix a huge default save directory issue (see complete announcement) in hgl-editor.
  • Fix lots of strings in hgl-editor.
  • Fix a type issue in the Inventory class for the not_enough_space exception.
  • Improve Board.display() performances by 15% (average).

1.0.0 (2020-03-20)



  • Please see the Github for history.