class gamelib.Structures.Treasure(**kwargs)

A Treasure is an Immovable that is pickable and with a non zero value. It is an helper class that allows to focus on game design and mechanics instead of small building blocks.

  • model (str) – The model that will represent the treasure on the map
  • value (int) – The value of the treasure, it is usually used to calculate the score.
  • size (str) – The size of the treasure. It is used by Inventory as a measure of space. If the treasure’s size exceed the Inventory size (or the cumulated size of all items + the treasure exceed the inventory max_size()) the Inventory will refuse to add the treasure.


All the options from Immovable are also available to this constructor.


money_bag = Treasure(model=Sprites.MONEY_BAG,value=100,size=2)
print(f"This is a money bag {money_bag}")
print(f"The inventory value is {player.inventory.value()} and is at

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(**kwargs) Initialize self.
can_move() Return the capability of moving of an item.
debug_info() Return a string with the list of the attributes and their current value.
display() Print the model WITHOUT carriage return.
overlappable() This represent the capacity for a Treasure to be overlapped by player or NPC.
pickable() This represent the capacity for a Treasure to be picked-up by player or NPC.
restorable() This represent the capacity for a Treasure to be restored after being overlapped.
size() Return the size of the Immovable Item.
store_position(row, column) Store the BoardItem position for self access.